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PROFESSIONAL HIGH VOLUME DUAL-EXTRUSION 3D PRINTER Zortrax M300 Dual leverages dual-extrusion LPD Plus technology to print simultaneously with separate support and base filaments. The support filaments are water soluble, allowing the support structures to be removed by rinsing. Thus, the M300 Dual can print relatively large models with complex internal geometries. Mono-extrusion mode is also available in which the printer operates like a standard M300 Plus machine. To protect time-consuming large format prints, the M300 Dual features the Darkening Response System. When a power outage is detected, the printer automatically saves the print head position so that it resumes from the same location when power is turned back on. Professional users can choose from perforated, glass, or compatible build platforms, all of which can be automatically calibrated using a capacitive displacement sensor. The M300 Dual prints with a range of dedicated filaments. Third-party alternatives are also fully supported in single and dual extrusion modes.

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