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Kumtel KUM-9490 Microwave Oven

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Kumtel KUM-9490 Microwave Oven is a product that is appreciated for its qualities. It is used for cooking as well as for heating. It provides ease of use and does not take up much space. It has a child safety lock. With this feature, it prevents negative situations. The Auto menu improves usability positively. It is an ideal option for long-term quality use. It is suitable for different purposes as it has different cooking and heating modes. You can easily use it in your kitchen as it is a minimal product that does not take up much space and does not cause extra dishwashing problems. It is a product that you can safely use in your home or office environment. Pros of Kumtel Sand Microwave Oven The speed factor is very important in the quality of Kumtel Sand product. However, the speed of the product is not the only significant plus. This model also has other advantages that will make you satisfied with the result after heating and cooking. For example, different cooking modes are designed for you to be satisfied with the heating and cooking processes. It is a preferred oven with its electricity consumption, internal volume capacity and fast processing quality. Kumtel KUM-9490 Microwave Oven helps you save money by working without demanding too much electrical energy, besides the affordability of its price. For fast processes, the fast defrosting feature is important. This feature shortens the time it takes for food to thaw when removed from the refrigerator. The automatic menu also offers a good standard in terms of user comfort. Kumtel Kum-9490 Microwave Features As an electrical product, Kumtel 9490 Microwave Oven works with 700 W power. It does not require high energy consumption, saving-friendly LED display and smart memory technology place it in the class of modern products. Its digital panel provides ease of use and fast operation. Its touch screen helps you stay informed about your heating request. It has a simple design with a white panel and body. The fact that it is a product that does not take up much space will benefit you. With its dimensions of 32 x 44 x 26 cm, it does not pose a space problem. The satisfaction rate in Kumtel KUM-9490 Microwave Oven reviews and evaluations provides information about the product. It is a set-top product and has a timer feature. In addition, the product has an internal volume of 20 liters. Kumtel Kum-9490 Price Users who buy Kumtel KUM-9490 Microwave Oven share their experiences about the product in the comments. As a microwave oven, it satisfies your immediate heating-cooking needs. It is a product that has been produced considering customer expectations. It is especially important that it has a large internal volume. It allows you to quickly heat many foods and beverages, whether liquid or solid. There are cooking modes to meet different demands. This feature is also important in terms of ease of use of the product. Kumtel-Kum 9490 also has a positive effect on the reduction of your dish load. Kumtel-KUM-9490 Microwave Oven , which is suitable for your living environment and makes life easier, is the cheapestand affordable products. You can reach the durable and long-lasting microwave oven on Hepsiburada. Does Kumtel 9490 Microwave Oven Have Different Cooking Modes? There are cooking modes suitable for different foods. For example, you can use the popcorn mode for popcorn, where your movie days need to be ready quickly, and you can continue your movie enjoyment without interruption. Does Kumtel 9490 Microwave Oven Have Quick Defrosting Feature? This product has a special mode for quickly defrosting the food you keep in the refrigerator. What Does the Turntable of Kumtel 9490 Microwave Do? It is important that your food is cooked quickly, but the fact that the microwave oven you buy has a turntable is important in order to ensure that all parts of your food are evenly heated.

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